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Your goal is to infer the leader of various domestic groups by drawing conclusions based on monitoring communications networks. Scan targets to gather intel, and once you've got a clear enough picture, arrest them. Try not to arrest the wrong person, it's expensive to cover up.


You have access to the the sophisticated Orthographic Reception Watch and Eliminate mk. II monitoring device. With it, using a simple command interface you can spy monitor and act upon threats.


scanScanning is the core method to identify threats. Due to the nature of the act, however, it's somewhat limited. Scanning a person gives you their entire call history and automatically adds them to the tracking list if they are deemed a threat. Otherwise, they'll be added to the ignore list

track Tracking lets you observe someone without spending our resources! If you suspect someone but don't want to scan them just yet, you can monitor them to see if they call a known suspect, or to turn off existing tracking.

arrestOnce you're pretty sure about someone, you can arrest them. Make sure it's the right one. You will be able to watch the dispatched officer pursue them and upon arrival, you'll be able to see the results.

ignore Toggles the ignore flag. Useful for cleaning up the map.
Note that scanned targets that are not suspicious will automatically be added to the ignore list.

help Useful in case you forget how to use these commands.



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Published15 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagshtml5, monochromatic, phaser, resistjam


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Download (4 MB)


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I think i found a pattern. The suspect is always the first person your "starting point guy" calls. Got pretty easy at this point. Still a great game tho.

The screenshots look awesome. I wasn't able to get it working properly, though.

The keyboard events need to be intercepted so they don't trigger browser built-in shortcuts. I use typeahead find, for instance, that pops open the browser's find-in-page search box when I start typing, so it takes focus away from the game. In Chrome, the space bar scrolled the page down when I was trying to type.

I haven't worked with Phaser in a while, but in plain old javascript you want to call .preventDefault() and .stopPropagation() on the keypress event object. I think Phaser has a .preventDefault somewhere that you can use.

Definitely on topic! I felt like the NSA was actually breathing down my neck!

The text and lines are frequently obscured (when playing in browser), which makes it nearly impossible to play at a point. I like playing it anyway, which says something good about the rest of the design.