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🐙 たこ 任せ Tako Makase 🍣

Ludum Dare 40 Compo Entry

Ludum Dare Page@Zambini845 - GitHub


The more you have, the worse it is


Serve as much sushi as you can, you're the best chef in the land. You're also an octopus.


Sushi will come by on three conveyor belts. You must prep, cut, and plate sushi as it comes by. Don't let the sushi get to the end. Press the key above the Sushi to start working on it. Each one requires three steps to complete.

As you get bigger combos, you'll get into the rhythm of things and start getting to use more arms. In the beginning you can only use two arms, but each time you level up you get to use two more arms. Once you hit level 3, you'll be able to use all 8 of your arms! But don't get too comfortable, if you mess up you will have to go back down to using only a couple arms.


You'll need all your tentacles for this one, but don't worry it starts out easy.

  • Q W E R - Top Left Area

  • A S D F - Middle Left Area

  • Z X C V - Bottom Left Area

  • U I O P - Top Right Area

  • J K L ; - Middle Right Area

  • N M , . - Bottom Right Area

  • [ - Volume down

  • ] - Volume up


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